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full steam ahead

Raw vegetables might be better FOR you, but after weight loss surgery, well steamed is a much better choice. 

Your pouch just doesn't have what it takes to digest raw foods any more.

"Gas forming" vegetables, such as broccoli,Brussel sprouts and cabbage are best when eaten very well steamed. When air gets trapped in your pouch, it causes pain. Trapped air can also expand your small pouch and be dangerous as well.  

Even veteran patients don't seem to digest raw veggies well. I'm 11 years out from RNY. Not long ago I decided to munch on a handful of baby carrots before bedtime—that was NOT a good decision! It proved to be too much for my pouch—my stomach cramped for at least an hour. Very painful.

So, when it comes to raw vegetables, I know to opt for very well steamed or roasted.

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