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protein bars - fit joy

During the first few years, especially during the weight loss phase after surgery, getting enough protein is extremely important for healing, good health, proper weight loss, and preventing too much muscle loss, among other benefits.

Not all protein or protein bars are created equal—and neither are our taste bud. So, it's important to try all your options, such as powders, bars, and other high protein foods. Even if some go straight to the trash, getting enough protein is so important that it's worth discarding a few in an effort to find the ones that you really enjoy—especially since it's for the long-haul.

Being almost 11 years out from surgery, I don't eat too many protein bars anymore, but I do like to keep a few of my favorites around for an occasional mid-afternoon snack. Bars are great for stashing in your purse. I usually keep on-the-lookout for anything new that comes on the market.

Recently, I found Fit Joy bars—wonderfully delicious, high protein, low fat and a balance of carbohydrates - this one is a keeper. 

To find out more about protein including bars, powders and recipes check the sidebar for several protein categories.

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