what do you see?
Monday, March 6, 2017 at 02:00PM
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Next month, I will celebrate my 11-year weight loss surgery anniversary. After losing weight, it was hard to "see" the real me in the mirror.

The vision of myself in the mirror still reflected the 300 pound version of myself. It was a while before my head and my body came into alignment. (You can read the full story on this blog in other post.)

Weight loss or not, what we often see in the mirror is a critically distorted version of what is really there. Most of us tend to focus on our imperfections rather than on our positive features. 

Okay, so let's get real—we all have imperfections. Sure, no matter what age we are, or what our weight is, there are always things we can find to be critical of about our appearance. But I have come to realize, that no matter what—I need to see myself for who I really am. I realize that I must stay connected with my profound accomplishment and to express my new-found confidence in the real me—the one I was created to be.

I must continue to look beyond the exterior—one shaped by environment and circumstance and find the one that was formed and designed by The Master Architect.

This Designer, who created the most amazing things in the universe, took the time to create me. One who suspends the planets in their places. One who is intimately acquainted with the most minute creatures in the deepest sea. He created each star in the heavens. The bible tells us that He calls them each by name. Considering each day of their lives from the first day of time to the last, he painstakingly painted each detail of a butterfly wing. He made a universe so vast and unique that there are no two snowflakes that are identical. Each creature from the desert to the jungle, He unique equipped to survive and thrive in it's own personal dwelling place. He made the world so big that we will never know or know it in all it's vastness. Then before He was done, He created something that He felt was his most spectacular work, one that reflected His very own Splendor and Glory—me—and you.

Have you ever stopped to think:

That we are made up of a little bit of a many generations. Sometimes I think I look like my mother, and with the next glance, I look like my dad's sister. If I cut my hair a certain way, I might see a glimpse of my first cousin, I never thought we looked alike when my hair was longer. From our nose to our toes, we are a mix of all who came before us.

Did you ever stop to think about our physical features in detail. Something as simple as our teeth. They are really not just enamel post stuck randomely in our jaw. We are born with two perfect sets of teeth. One that fits our baby lifestyle and one that serves us through our adult life. No randomness, here. Each side is placed in mirror -like unison, the perfect number, each in the right order, perfectly fitted to do it's job efficiently.

Is it not strange that each of us have a hairline that starts and stops in just the right place? A little further to the front and it would cover our eyes. Too far on the back and it would be very uncomfortable. It may not be as curly as we would like or maybe as straight as we like, or maybe we would prefer a different color. But did you ever just stop and think about all the miracles we display, in our face alone? Did you ever think of all the amazing ways it effects our appearance? We ARE awesomely, thoughtfully, wonderfully, specifically, and purposefully made to function at our highest potential. Everything about us is designed with a specific function and purpose.

I encourage you to stop and see the awesomeness of who you are—not just in the mirror, but inside and out. I encourage you to be awed by the miracle we are designed to be. Step outside of your self-criticism just long enough to appreciate yourself for who you are. What do you see?

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