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4-part harmony

In the world of music the highs and lows are described in four parts; soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The coming together of these four parts produce the harmony, agreement and balance needed to make the whole, and so it is with us.

We aren't just physical beings, we are made up of several intricate parts, fashioned together to work as one.

Likewise, weight loss surgery is only one part of a whole. There are other parts to be considered in addition to the physical.

Weight loss surgery deals with the physical aspects, but in order to have complete wellness, we must fine-tune other aspects of this well designed instrument we call ourselves.

In this series entitled Four Part Harmony, we will learn how each part comes together to play a key role in healing us as a whole.

You have probably heard many say that weight loss surgery isn’t brain surgery, but that’s exactly what we need. Not only brain surgery but also heart surgery, but not the kind we can get from a hospital or a physical operating room with carbon steel scalpels, stainless steel staples and silicone bands. Neither does it require professional surgeons or leaders in the field of bariatrics, cardiology or neurology.

These procedures require only the personal desire to go on an inward journey to explore matters of the heart and soul. Together with a new mindset and a new physical tool of weight loss surgery, we will discover the secrets of weight loss surgery success.

There is a song waiting to be sung and a symphony within us about to begin. So join me as we uncover the keys to success.

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