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thoughts in key

The second part of this harmonic symphony is recognized by changes in mindset, thought patterns and attitudes. This is where brain surgery would help if it were that simple, but I’m afraid it requires a bit more than that.

What we think orchestrates many of our bodily functions and has a profound effort on our wholeness as a person.

I am convinced that our bodies can work with us or against us in this effort. The first gateway to change is through our thoughts.

Seeking to gain a positive attitude and learning how to lose the “loser” mentality to adopt a “can-do” and “will-do” attitude is our second order of business. No simple task...but very doable!

But it's not just about a positive confession, its about our whole mindset in general. It's just as important to feed our minds healthy thoughts as it is to feed our body healthy food.We must be willing to change our thoughts and attitudes, uncover new self-esteem, and discover our unique purpose.

These processes take determination, commitment and a pursuit to realize our true worth and value. As we learn how to take care of our physical self, we must learn to take care of our soul, mind, and emotions. Finding the truth about who we really are, tearing down the destructive lies we have believed about ourselves and replacing them with new, positive and true beliefs.

In her book, Who Switched Off My Brain, researcher Dr. Caroline Leaf, has scientifically determined that toxic thoughts and emotions undermine and destroy our immune system preventing its ability to do what it was designed to do. She also relates that research shows that around 87 percent of illnesses can be attributed to our thought life, and approximately 13 percent to diet, genetics and environment. Studies conclusively link more chronic diseases to an epidemic of toxic emotions in our culture. There is no longer any doubt that what you think affects your emotional and physical state.

As with music and song, the most important element is to establish the correct key. Music moves through many stages from soft and loud, fast and slow. Any given selection contains flat notes as well as sharp, but always remaining 'in key'. Finding truth will put us in the correct key, allowing us to step into renewed health with a sound mind.

There is truth as we see it and then there is God’s truth. Does the view you have of yourself match the one that God has about you? Which will you choose? Are you ready to allow your innermost thoughts to follow the rhythm of God’s truth?

He has created a song and his hand is extended as he waits for you to enter the dance that was created just for you. Are you beginning to hear the music?

More about getting back in tune on our next post.

Your new reality is just a thought away.

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