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Along side issues of emotional hunger are hungers of the heart. 

Some of the hungers we experience usually seek to fill a void or hurt. Some of us seek to fill it with food, some with alcohol and drugs, some with sex, some with work, shopping or other activities, but the root issues are all the same. These are the issues that tug on our heartstrings until we find the answers that fulfill us. 

This is where our part comes in. Weight loss surgery helps us by offering a physical solution, but this solution, is just for the physical aspects. Accompanying physical activity and a healthy diet, are seeking answers to emotional and spiritual health. These require a willing and honest examination into our lives, motivations and beliefs. 

Regardless of the offense, let’s look at matters from another perspective as we examine our value and worth as a person, seeking to forgive others and practicing self-love in the process. 

In his book Soul Care, Peter Lord, explains the eight ways that the worth of an object is measured…who made it, what was made, uniqueness or limited supply, personal preference or choice, potential worth, permanence, practicality, and the price tag. 

As you ponder on these things consider that God himself is our Maker, we were made and created in His image, and we are unique. You are God’s personal choice. In us he placed supreme value and potential. Our bodily functions and performance is supremely practical and awesomely inspiring. We were created with a spirit that is eternal, and purchased at a great price, the life of Christ. 

These eight points begin to merge our emotional needs with spiritual ones and can be summed up by this powerful affirmation by Robert McGee in his book, The Search for Significance...

I am an awesome spirit being of magnificent worth as a person. I am deeply loved by God; I am fully pleasing to God; I am totally accepted by God. And when my person is expressed through my performance, the reflection is dynamically unique. There has never been another like me in the history of mankind, nor will there ever be. I am an original one of a kind, really somebody—and so are you!

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