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fit as a fiddle

OK, so  we know the changes in tummy size won’t be enough to make permanent changes toward a healthy and complete life. During this series, we have been challenged to discover the keys to permanent weight loss success, as we continue to learn and grow in our effort to be compliant with our diet and exercise, and enjoy the benefits that weight loss surgery has provided. 

Just as in any surgery, we must experience healing from the inside out. We have found that our positive change in emotions, mind set, and thoughts can move us and inspire us toward health and wellness, instead of sickness and despair. 

We can seek to uncover the reasons we are held by emotional eating and we can focus on why we seek to bury our feelings within. We can be free from the destructive emotions of our past as we seek to uproot and destroy the inward disorders that hold us in their vice-like grip. 

We begin to turn toward a new truth and explore new meaning to life and wholeness. 

And in all these principles, the key idea for healthy lifestyle is sustainability. Just as we can be moved and inspired by great music, we are inspired with the ultimate commitment to keep ourselves in tune body, mind, soul and spirit. With these tools we can sing a new song, in four-part harmony, orchestrated by God himself finding completeness and health for lasting success. Fit as a fiddle…you bet ya!

Yes you can, you have many more miles to go!

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