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overcoming loss

Every time I close the door on reality 

 it comes in through the windows.  

 Jennifer Yane

Believe it or not, after weight loss surgery, we lose more than just weight, we also face feelings of loss over food, security, and the familiar. Emotionally we go through a process of grief.

We need to be aware that these feeling are normal and we need to be prepared and equipped to face them and to work through these emotions to bring closure and healing into our new life.

There are five stages loss or grief that are just a normal part of the process that leads us towards healing.





and acceptance.

The first four (4) follow no prescribed order or length of duration and can be experienced over and over again as we adjust to our new reality.

Then there is the fifth (5). Acceptance. Although all of these feeling are extremely important, to let ourself feel and expereince as the work through the emotions. Acceptance is the most important one on the list in the sense that this final step brings us closure in the healing process. Reality may not always be easy to accept but it is the only key that unlocks the cycle —working through all the emotions and accepting what is true, present, and real. 

Don't be afraid to grieve. It is important to allow yourself time to move through these stages. It is important to take time to grieve, to feel. to experience, to process. But we don't want to live and dwell in these stages long-term. It's important to move forward. Accepting reality. Putting the past behind and embrace the new.

It's when we find ourselves not moving forward or not experiencing and embracing our present, that we need to seek professional counsel to help us move forward.

Yes, you can. You have many more miles to go!

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