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There is a story about a large fish that was placed in the middle of an aquarium with minnows to feed on. The fish fed to his heart’s delight. Then, the researchers placed a glass partition in the tank, dividing it in two. After the pike had eaten all of the minnows on his side of the partition, he could see the other minnows through the glass but he couldn’t get to them. He thrashed, he bumped, he bashed his body against the glass partition, but to no avail. He finally formed a belief that it was impossible for him to get to those fish. He stopped trying! Then, the researchers moved the glass partition and allowed the minnows to swim all around him.

He could smell them. He could see them. He could even touch them. But he believed that those fish were no longer available to him – that they were forever locked away from him – that it was impossible for him to win. So he starved to death in the middle of an aquarium full of food.”

For us, this could never happen right. I mean, we would know that if we looked in a mirror and saw ourselves after we had lost all of our weight and it was real that our mind would agree. Right? No. Not necessarily. This can happen to us too. How, you ask? Because it is possible for our mind to believe two conflicting opinions at once. It's very possible that after you lose a lot of weight, that your mind is still stuck in the past and what you see in the mirror is not the present you.

It was November 2008—two and a half years after I had weight loss surgery. I had lost l64 pounds, but my mind keep seeing that 300 pound girl I was before. I had told myself for so long that things would never change, that I believed it. This past truth held me hostage in a former world. It keep from seeing the present truth when I did lose weight. The truth finally triumphed, but it took a while. 

That breakthrough moment happened when I finally accepted the fact that things had changed and that I was believing a lie of the past. I needed to connect with the truth of the present.

That was the “disconnect” that kept my mind from seeing my true size as it really was. The belief that I would never change simply was not true. Not anymore. I had changed. I was different. I am different. 

The former truth has to give way to the present truth and it comes by replacing those old mindsets with a renewed mind. We become what we believe. Success comes with changing our core beliefs. Our core beliefs rule our thoughts, and our thoughts rule our actions. We must uncover the lies that we believe and replace them with new truth. 

Finally, I could see myself as I truly was, and you can, too.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?  Yes…you can…you have many more miles to go!

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