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menu planning 101

Years ago, when I homeschooled, I had to be organized. I started by creating seasonal menus and soon I had one for everyday of the year. Before long, I was helping other busy moms create family menus. I began to realize that menu planning has many more benefits than just being organized. 

On busy days, I need to be organized because of time issues but also the aroma of food cooking gives my family hope that dinner will be served sometime during the evening.

Planning ahead saves time and arms me with a successful eating plan. Pre-planned menus take the guess work out of "what to eat". 

As a weight loss surgery patient it also helps me have a better plan of attack when hunger strikes. Having food on hand and prepared keeps me reaching for healthier choices when time gets tight. 

Grocery list are ready-made by creating menus. It also saves money by keeping unwanted items out of my grocery cart and better food choices in the house.

It's easier than you think. To get started, follow the 3 easy steps on menu planning how to's here on Miles to Go Blog by clicking here: more details on menu planning how to's.

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