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it's still in progress



Writing a book takes much longer than I thought, but it's still underway. I've been told that books usually go through about 6 rewrites, so I'm right on target. The most recent re-write is 3/4 done. I hope this is the final one—Yeah!

I'm working with several editors—who are "coaching" me through the process. I'll keep you posted.  

Check back soon. 

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january book update

Yes, I'm still typing. I'm still in the re-organization process before passing the book over to the final editor for grammar corrections. 

So stay tuned... 


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a little more organization

This week's project has been slowed down by Christmas shopping, but never-the-less, the book must go on! I've been spending some time rereading, making corrections, and re-organizing some information within the chapters to make it more reader friendly.

The week after Christmas, we go back into full speed ahead. 

See ya then!


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sweet tempations

I usually don't post photos of sweet temptations on the blog—they tend to hold us captive with unending promises and unbridled delight.

Isn't that the truth?

Are we blinded by loud screams of sugary promises and lasting fulfillment? Do they offer to soothe our inward pain. Oh, the promises. 

Whatever it's saying to us, is it speaking truth or offering a lie? In the long-run, will it deliver what it promised? Or does it deliver instead something quite the opposite—disease, heartache, and more pain. 

Something within us is hiding the truth. Disguised as creamy white frosting with caramel sprinkles, it has indeed perched itself on flimsy ground and it's singing a believable tune. Oh, the lies.  

How often do we fall for un-truth? Is telling yourself a lie serving you well? What is truth and how do we find it? Discover how to quiet the lies of untruth, guilt and self-condemnation. Find something that really delivers what it promises. Find the solid ground of truth. 

How can we find the things that really fulfill our inward hungers? You can find freedom from food addictions. You'll discover the answers to these questions and many more, in my new book—Out of Obesity, coming soon. 

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seeds for thought

Our lives contain seeds, which grow until we reap a harvest. What seeds are you planting? Are they seeds of failure or seeds of success? 

What we think, can change our lives, but what are we thinking? What are we believing about ourselves and our ability to succeed? 

How can we change what we think and how we act? How can we break unwanted habits and instill positve ones for long-term weight-loss success? 

You can change your destiny. You can change your life by changing your mind. You can find out how in my new book,  "Out of Obesity". Yes you can. You have many more miles to go!

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