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This blog is about supporting you on your weight loss journey.  Whether you are preparing for surgery, have had weight loss surgery or just trying to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off.  

Posted here are facts, tips and information I have discovered during my experiences after surgery.  Although everyone is unique, from your backgrounds, relationships and past experiences, we all are seeking the same answer, renewed health and long-term weight loss success.  

There are several ways to find out the information you need here on the blog...

1. Search by topic or key word.  You'll also find this "box" on your left towards the middle of the screen.  

2.  Search by topic, under the "categories" section, also to the left on the screen.  

3.  Follow Miles to Go Blog on Twitter and Facebook.

4.  You may also ask a question or for information by email. These contacts are answered personally.

Yes you can, you have many more miles to go! 

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