Eating with a Lap Band is different than RNY.

The Lap Band is designed to work with real solid food.  Protein shakes are not needed.  You'll find other differences in the information below.  

While I have personally not had a Lap Band experience, in this section I have put together some information.  

One of the best sources I have found is Dr. Terry Simpson.  Dr. Simpson is a Lap Band Surgeon at You will find great information as well as podcast.  

I understand Dr. Simpson is very approachable and is very eager to help provide answers and help to lap-band recipients.   

Dr. Simpson has written several books for Weight Loss Surgery patients that I have found very informative.  

Please feel free to offer any experience you have to share for Lap-Band readers.  



Although, I personally do not have a lap-band, I think that listening to Dr. Terry Simpson has helped me with understanding more about weight loss in general.

Dr. Simpson is an excellent resource for Lap-band information. I recently listened to the podcast on band "slip".  I would encourage all lap-banders to listen to Dr. Simpson's messages. 

Go to, then under the title "about our program" on the pull down, go to--listen to Dr. Simpson, then you will find 8 audio podcasts. They are all excellent. 

Gastric Banding is about measuring food and following the rules, bands are not as "forgiving" as RNY, or in other words, there is not as much room for error with a band. Check it'll be glad you did. 


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bans and buzzers

The following is an update (copy of an email) from Lap-Band Systems,

Vern Vincent, Sr. Director, Global Professional Education

"I think the recession is over.  Must be, as apparently everyone is flying more again, and an old question has been coming in as if someone rang a bell. 

Q: Will the port of a LAP-BAND(R) System set off the metal detector as a patient goes through airport screening? 

A: It depends.  By itself, no.  But taken in collection with a few rings, some jewelry, random coins and belt buckle, maybe yes.

Airport screening equipment are simply metal detectors.  We all know that no two are set at the same intensity or level as we walk though some with no alarm and others require a birthday suite to not trigger the thing.  However, they all work the same.  If the net total mass of metals exceeds some set limit, then the alarm sounds and you get a pat down.  The metal in the port is Titanium, the least ferrous-metal possible (the least magnetic or “metal-like” choice).  This is why MRIs are okay for a band patient.  If the port was made of steel or nickel or some other highly ferrous-magnetic metal, then perhaps it would be enough to set off a detector by itself.   If a person has other metals; fillings, ear rings, rings, necklace, watch, belt buckle… and an access port, then the total mass will probably trigger the alarm.  Lose the easy stuff, like we are all suppose to, and the port alone should not trigger the alarm."

Allergan Medical  71 S. Los Carneros (Mail Stop: LC-MH), Goleta, CA 93117

 (805) 961-5273   F (805) 681-5749  C  (805) 637-3125 

Sr. Director, Global Professional Education

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all in good measure

Dr. Terry Simpson, Lap-Band Surgeon says the key to the band is not "restriction" but eating a small amount of food.  The band's job is to dim the appetite, not to stop you from eating.  

Dr. Simpson says successful patients embrace a new lifestyle, eat right, exercise and measure,, measure, measure...

It's easy to slip back into eating junk food and old lifestyle habits.  So whether you're a lap-band patients or gastric bypass the key is the same.  

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research for lap-band

If you are looking for research on lap-band, an article was just submitted.  You will find it under the "Research" section on the main page of the blog.  

This research was done for those considering weight loss surgery in their golden years, it is based on years of study and hopefully helpful information when considering lap-band as well as looking forward with the choices you have made.

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a lighter look

I am always looking for information on weight loss surgery.  Not only does the information serve as education about what's going on with my body, but it helps keep me motivated as well as constantly aware that I have to focus on lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Terry Simpson, is a lap-band surgeon, and has written several books that I have found helpful during my journey.  Even though I did not have the lap-band, I have found valuable information and help from reading the information he shares as a surgeon. 

  • A Lighter Look ... At a Heavy Subject  by Terry Simpson, MD
  • Losing The Last 30 lbs by Terry Simpson, MD
  • Another book that I came across not long ago was : The LAP-BAND Solution--A Partnership for Weight Loss  by Paul O'Brien, MC, FRACS

I think that if I had the Lap-band this would be on the top of my list.  I haven't read it, but I did read an article in OH magazine that was written about the book and the author, Dr. Paul O'Brien, a surgeon and foremost expert on the LAP-BAND system.  He was involved in the design of the lap-band in the early 1990's and placed the first band in Australia in l994.  You can find his book on or visit for more information and supportive resources. 

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