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mini bagels

After weight-loss surgery, some people find it difficult to eat bread (especially lap-banders). Being a RNY patient, I personally haven't had any problems eating bread—although I don't eat bread all that often.

When I do eat bread, I most often eat whole-wheat or whole-grain breads. Toasted is better, especially early on, just after surgery. 

When making bread purchases, I first glance at the ingredient label. I want to make sure it is not made from "enriched" flour. Enriched means that all the nutrients have been striped away and added back in.

Next, I look at the fiber content. (Just after surgery, you may be told not be eat high fiber foods, but after your pouch matures, you may find you can eat foods with higher fiber content. You should always consult your surgeon or nutritionist before adding bread or fiber to your diet.) If the fiber content is 3 or higher, I know it's a healthy selection. The higher the fiber the better.

Tips for adding bread to your diet:

  • Take it slow and easy
  • Small amounts
  • Chew well
  • Eat slowly
  • Don't drink with your meal
  • Toasting makes it easier to digest

Some foods must be added back to your diet with "trial and error". If it doesn't work at first, try again several months later. 

I have found that Thomas brand mini bagels are a great choice, bariatricly speaking! 

Today's breakfast included: 1 scrambled egg, 1 piece turkey sausage, and 1 Thomas mini bagel.

Early on in my journey, I only chose the egg and bagel, with an occasional addition of turkey sausage later in my journey. 

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