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it's time to ham it up

Need a lunch idea?

Today my lunch included: 1/2 turkey club sandwich from the Honey Baked Ham Store. This sandwich has turkey, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon, mayo, and honey mustard on whole wheat bread.

I made this sandwich more bariatric friendly by holding the bacon, and honey mustard. I only ate two half slices of bread,(sometimes club sandwiches come with three slices of bread). I most often remove the lettuce, because it's hard to digest. 

For those of you who choose not to eat bread, or can't eat bread because of the type of weight-loss surgery you had (such as lap-band), toasting the bread or leaving it off completely would be another option. I often order items such as this with no bread. You can use the meat as an outside wrap or lettuce if you choose to have it. 

For those of us who can or do choose to eat bread, whole wheat or whole grain is a wiser choice. The outside edges are said to have more fiber. Today, I chose to leave the mayo and tomato to add moisture, but removing the honey mustard is a safer decision and keeps my blood sugar on a more even keel.

My little pouch can barely hold a half a sandwich, but man was it good! Weight-loss surgery means making adjustments and getting creative—it doesn't mean you have to give up flavor and enjoyment. Although there are limits, it means moderation, not deprivation. Yes, you can. You have many more meals to go!  

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