So, what can we eat?


This section helps you put it all together with menus ideas. Putting menus together can be a challenge. So I'll share some menus I have used during my journey after bariatric surgery.

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These menus are not listed by food phase unless otherwise stated.


bread and breakfast

Saturday mornings are usually just a little more than cereal at the Holloman house. Occasionally on Friday nights, our 17-month-old grandson, Gavin spends the night and “papa” and “meme” just love to take him out for eggs and toast on Saturday morning! But today, it was eggs and toast at home.


Today my day began with a cup of that Pumpkin Spice Coffee you’ve been hearing about…I added one half scoop of Unjury unflavored protein powder, giving me about 10 grams of protein, just for starters. Meanwhile, I boiled eggs for egg salad. My recipe for my husband and myself, 3 eggs, (2 for him and 1 for me). 1- tablespoon light mayo, (don’t tell Richard it was “light”, I don’t think he noticed). 1- tablespoon yellow mustard, 2 tablespoons cubed sugar free pickles. Served on top of an open faced Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain 15 Grain Toast. Yummmmm’ie! I couldn’t hide the fact that the bread was whole wheat; I have been trying to transition Richard to whole wheat for years. I think he is about to make the switch.


Let’s talk about bread for a moment. It was a while before I added bread after surgery. I had heard “the horror” stories about bread. I still like bread, even though it doesn’t have the same appeal it used it. You’ll find less problems if it's toasted. If I’m going to have bread, I usually eat Whole Grain.


Don’t be fooled by “whole wheat” breads. Here are some clues to help spot the real thing. The first clue is the first ingredient listed on the package. If the first word is enriched, it’s a counterfeit. Enriched means that all the nutrients were stripped out and added back. Whole Wheat or Whole Grain are your best selections. These are heartier and heart healthy, boast better flavors, are more satisfying and nutritious.


Next, check the fiber content; this will be your second clue that you are on the right track. Anything less than 3 grams of fiber, is not true Whole Wheat bread. I also look for brands containing more protein and no hydrogenated oils. I know, I know, by the time we look at all the ingredients, it will be lunchtime…but once you know what to look for you’ll be able to locate the real thing in no time.


Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain 15 Grain ingredients start with whole-wheat flour, and whole grains are listed below. One 1.5 oz slice is 120 calories, 2 fats, 3 sugars, 20 carbs, 4 proteins and 3 fibers. Now that is whole grain goodness! Another tip for me, since this bread is actually 1.5 oz per slice, I trim off three edges, leaving me with just a little less bread.


Here is how my breakfast today adds up:

Coffee with half a scoop protein powder. Next, after waiting about 45 minutes to an hour I have "second breakfast".  One whole egg salad, one-piece whole grain toast: 199 calories, 6 fats, 16 carbs, and 19 grams of protein. Not a bad start. And the tip: always eat breakfast within one hour of waking. Successful weight loss surgery patients always eat breakfast. Now for my morning walk…until next time…eat great, lose weight.  


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breakfast a go go

It’s time for a few more breakfast ideas. Today's choice was 4 ounces lowfat cottage cheese (Breakstone’s 2% snack size container) with some berries on top. This is a great breakfast to go. Just grab a disposable spoon and you could pair it with a half an apple, orange, banana or a few grapes and you’re on your way.

This 4 oz size is easy and pre-measured. With only 90 calories it offers 2.5grams of fat, only 4 sugars, and 11 grams of protein. That’s more protein than milk or yogurt, unless you choose the Oikos Greek brand of yogurt, which has 15 grams of protein.

The great thing about measuring is knowing your not going to be tempted to overeat. In addition, it helps you to eat enough to feel pleasantly satisfied, full and no longer hungry. Once you have measured your portions for a while, your eye will become trained to the amount you can have. I still measure my portions from time to time, just to make sure I’m on target.

It is vitally important to know what “satisfied" feels like and to stop eating when your pouch is satisfied not overly full. Even though this could be a challenge in the beginning, this is another key to long-term success, by the time you reach your goal you should be a “pro”. Remember even the “pros” spend more time practicing than playing the game!

I’ll be seeing less you of next time…yes you can!

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net the best

You know by now one of my favorite choices is any kind of seafood. I found this comparison on steamed shrimp verse the fried selections which was a real eye-opener. Sometimes we may be tempted to choose the one we "want" verses the one we "should", but after seeing the numbers, the choice is easier.

Making the right choices help you feel better in more ways that one...eating too much fat can make you feel like you swallowed a brick, and cause dumping. Serving sizes that stay around 5 grams of fat are the safest.

Get creative when serving and it's sure to taste better...just feast your eyes on this!

4 ounces steamed shrimp with lemon 112 calories,  0 carbs, 1 fat

4 ounces steamed shrimp with 2 tablespoons cocktail sauce 142 calories,  8 carbs, 1 fat

4 ounces fried shrimp with 2 tablespoons tartar sauce 369 calories,  24 carbs, 22 fat

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first things first

Rise and shine…when I hear that song I think of mornings when my children were little. My husband would sing that song to them to wake them up…they found it very annoying…most people find breakfast annoying altogether.

I’m just not a morning person, before weight loss surgery that was my excuse for not eating breakfast, so I usually skipped it…breakfast that is…mornings…just happened anyway. Most people don’t eat breakfast because they just aren’t hungry. Strangely enough, skipping breakfast may be the culprit.

Breakfast wakes up your metabolism. Eating breakfast will regulate your appetite, not only for wanting to eat breakfast, but you’re more likely to eat less throughout the day.

Your aim should be to eat breakfast no later than one hour after you wake up. During the night your glycogen levels fall and shortly after you wake your body does a glycogen “audit” to determine how much you need to eat that day. When you refuel early in the day, your body will decide your hunger level and therefore control your hunger for the rest of the day. Is that not amazing? Eating early can also regulate your appetite-suppressing hormones, leptin.

Breakfast doesn’t need to be time consuming either. I’ll be giving some simple breakfast ideas here, so stay tuned. .

This morning breakfast was one egg, organic, cage free, cooked medium. I recently found this great cooking spray, grapeseed oil from Tidal Creek; it has no calories or fat. Although I not opposed to a little butter, I’d rather have it on my toast instead. I also had a half a slice of organic 100% whole grain toast, spread with just a little whipped cream cheese and a little peach preserves.

Eggs have been unfairly represented. It has been shown that eggs don’t significantly raise your cholesterol, as long as you stay within the limits, no more that one or two a day if you don’t have cholesterol problems and one to three a week if you do. Eggs are a great source of protein, many vital vitamins, and a major source of antioxidant lutein, which protects eyesight from UV damage.

It’s the white bread, sugary cereals and instant oatmeal that we should avoid. These foods are high GI goods that cause blood-sugar levels to surge and crash and cause hunger. Switch to multigrain, rolled oats, and bran cereals. Add a little protein to help slow digestion and level blood sugar.

Rise and Shine…you have many more miles to go!

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dinner “flavour-ites”

This entry is another in the series of meal ideas. This one is my “flavour-ites”... fish. I love fish and could eat it almost every meal.

I am back to my fish routine this week. Last night’s dinner was fish, today’s lunch was fish and tonight’s dinner will be …you guessed it, fish!

Tonight I am preparing, salmon, on the grill. (You’ll also find an article on fish, entitled “something fishy going on”.) Tonight’s sides will be rice, chopped green beans and cucumbers, and left over veggies from last night.

Accompanying last nights fish was squash, green beans, steamed cabbage, and white and sweet potatoes medley.

The green beans are a memory of my childhood; I loved vegetables. My mom would chop up green beans with the food chopper after they were done. Then we topped them off with cucumbers in vinegar…I guess you have to be from the south! I think my mom “invented” this recipe, I’ve never seen it done anywhere but home.

Remember a serving size is equal to 3 ounces of cooked meat, poultry or fish, which works out to be the size of a deck of cards or audio cassette tape. Enjoy…
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