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baby your new pouch

Just after surgery, your new pouch is like a baby. And just like a baby needs soft and easily digestible foods in the beginning, there are certain foods which must be avoided immediately following surgery to prevent complications.

Nuts, seeds, popcorn, dried fruits, high fiber, and fibrous foods should be avoided early on after surgery for gastric bypass patients. 

Raw, gas forming foods such as vegetables, (cabbage and broccoli) are not a good idea, in more ways than one! Not only does it not feel so good, you want to avoid pouch enlargement. 

Meats that are tough, fatty or too dry may be hard to chew as well as digest. Sautéed chicken may be more moist, and more tender cuts of meat are suggested. 

Remember, just like a baby, your new tummy pouch needs a lot of chewing and pre-digestion in order to properly function in complete happiness! Chewing helps do some of the work that your tummy can't do until it matures.

Foods that swell such as rice, pasta, high fiber breads and grits are some foods to avoid. Remember your pouch is very small and swelling can be very painful as well as dangerous. Your pouch needs time to heal and mature. Furthermore, swelling may stretch your pouch, and having a small pouch is your tool to success. Remember, those first two years are really important for keeping that pouch from stretching too much during the healing process. During these first two years your pouch is trying to heal itself my returning to normal, let's don't give it any unnecessary help!

Food tolerances vary from person to person. You will be able to introduce more foods as your body heals from surgery and your pouch matures. A fully mature pouch is said to be completely healed, about two years out from surgery.

Be sure before trying any new food, to take it slow and easy and first.  So, if you find that certain foods you try are too dry or give you trouble, set it aside and try again a few months later.  

First and foremost follow the advice of your surgeon and dietary counselor. These food guidelines, suggestions and rules are there for your safety and health. 

So with proper diet and lots of chewing maybe you can baby your new pouch. Take care of your pouch and your pouch will take care of you!

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