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tips please, dinner is served 

Most restaurants serve food items backwards from the way weight loss surgery patients need to eat. It is usually beverage, bread, salad, then protein. So it is simply a matter of rearranging the order in which the food is served. Protein, salad, bread and later the beverage. It’s easy, it goes like this: 

You could order water, or no beverage at all, or if you drink a beverage, stop drinking before the food is served, giving time for it to leave your tummy.  Drinking before the meal and giving it time to go down, is much better than, “with” or “after” the meal.  The liquid leaves your tummy faster empty.  Wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before drinking after the meal.    

Order a protein appetizer to come out first.

Ask them to hold the bread; if it's not on the table, it's not as tempting.  Order it at the end, if you still want it, most likely if you have eaten correctly you will be too full for bread or dessert.  Having a few bites of dessert or bread as a "finisher" to the meal, you are less likely to overdo it.  

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