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tips please, just for starters

Like any other temptation, having a resolve or plan before the "point of no return" moments hits is the key to success.  Don't wait until your in the heat of the moment to try to make that decision, chances are your best judgment or intentions will be nowhere in sight.  

I have found it helpful to decide ahead of time what items I will order and avoid the temptation of the menu altogether. Once I look at the menu, all the choices can distract me. Not only are my eyes bigger than my tummy, if I’m not careful, my good intentions could go right out the window. That’s not to say I “never” look at a menu, but I do try to find other alternatives whenever possible. Before leaving home, try using the internet to check out menus and plan ahead.

In the beginning, just after surgery I found it helpful to have help...If I was familiar with the restaurant, I ordered without looking at the menu. If I was not familiar with the menu, I sometimes ask my husband to order or I will begin with checking the “starters” to see if the menu offers a protein appetizer that would be a safe choice, such as a shrimp cocktail. Ordering healthy appetizers high in protein for your meal can be a good option. By ordering the protein first I can rearrange the order in which the food arrives at the table. Then ask if the salad or side items could be served next, with, without or before the bread.

For example, once during a visit to a local seafood restaurant, my husband and I decided to share a meal before we arrived at the restaurant. We agreed on a grilled fish selection without any added sauces. Once inside, my husband looked over the menu and found the appropriate item, ordered a shrimp appetizer to share, then ordered the entrée to share. I just enjoyed the experience.

Planning your day ahead helps also.  I don’t eat a pasta dish if I have had a fair amount of carbs that day.  This helps me stay on track with food choices.  

Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 07:46PM by Registered CommenterJulia Holloman | Comments1 Comment

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This is a good idea. I will try to do this while I am on my diet supplement.

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbrianna

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