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always ask about food preparation 

This week, I've learned a few lessons in restaurant food preparation.

I recently made a commitment to eat cleaner. No processed food, no added oils, no added sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. I've been "clean" for two weeks. All my cravings have disappeared. My blood sugar has been stable. I have lost weight. And I feel terrific.  

But during the last few days, my kitchen has been under renovation and I've had to revert to eating out. In the process of trying to find restaurants that offered selections that meet my specific criteria, I have discovered that they sometimes inject or marinate chicken with oil so that it taste better. Since I've been made aware of that fact, I also have been asking more about food preparation and added oils before cooking.

So, with my kitchen out of order, I have eaten lunch at a great little restaurant near our house. I found a little table outside. It was so delightful, the weather was pleasant and overcast and the food was simple and delicious. No cooking—no clean up. Fast, easy—and "clean." Perfect! 

With the continued renovation in my kitchen, and the fact that the restaurant had a just what I needed, I decided to eat there twice this week. I ordered the same thing both days. Grilled chicken, spinach, sliced cucumbers, salsa and lemon. I specifically asked them to make sure that they didn't cook the chicken with any oil and they assured me they would.

On the second day, after I had eaten, the waiter politely came to collect my bowl. So I asked him again about the chicken. "The chicken is really good. So you didn't use any oil for cooking?" I reiterated. "No". he said. "No oil." Being a little suspicious, I inquired about pre-cooking? "Do you marinate the chicken in anything before you cook it?" "Yes," he said, "a brine with honey." HONEY ... Eeeeecccckkkk! I never thought there would be sugar in my chicken. The menu only said "organic chicken".

I had forgotten to ask about the salsa. It didn't taste like it had any added sugar. But just to be on the safe side, I asked if there was added sugar in the salsa. No sugar. Thank goodness!

So, the moral of the story...Don't be shy, take charge of your health. Always ask about how your food is prepared, and if there are any added garnishes, sauces, fats and sugars—even before it's cooked. 

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