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Eating out after weight-loss surgery can be a little intimidating. In this section, I'll share a few tips that have helped me be successful. 



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Avoid temptations

First things first, once I'm seated at the restaurant, I start by removing from sight any of the dessert menus or ads on the table…you know the ones that stare you in the face and call your name the moment you sit down…they put them there to tempt you when you are the most hungry. Out of sight…out of mind.

I'm four year's out from surgery, I have had lots of practice eating out and even though I am comfortable in restaurants, I still remove all temptations and visuals of desserts immediately upon arriving at the table.  

After thoughts

Ok…let's talk about the after thought...desserts. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I’m about balance and not deprivation.  Yes, a few bites of dessert on occasion are sometimes in order.

Sometimes.  On occasion.  And always planned and usually shared.

I always plan for dessert, only a few bites.  Let me restate that:  I don't always plan to have dessert, but if I'm going to have dessert, I always plan ahead for it.  If I know it’s a special occasion and I’m going to be treating myself with dessert, I leave off some carbs for that meal.  I make sure I get in plenty of protein and lean and green.  I will order seafood or chicken. Since I've been struggling with my blood sugar drops, I have to make sure that before any carbs are added especially desserts, that the protein choice and portion are substantial. For example, shellfish doesn't offer enough protein to add desserts or any high carbohydrate food.  But when I eat a "heavier" food such as salmon, it offers enough protein and fat to add just a little refined carbs.  

I love those little minis most places serve now, they are so cute and tasty. It really is helpful not to have a huge dessert presented, it's just too tempting.

I have two main rules for myself regarding desserts. I was at my goal weight and on maintenance when I added dessert to my plan.  I only added dessert when I felt I could maintain proper control…just a bite or two.

Other times when I feel I want dessert, but maybe I’ve not had one in a while, I’ll treat myself to another item such as a cup of coffee later in the day.  I know if I’m getting an alternative treat, I don’t feel deprived.  Coffee is something I enjoy, I can even add a little whip cream or low fat milk and viola…dessert!  

Mints can help as a "finisher" to the meal a TIC TAC.  

I have found that a tiny little "finisher" at the end of the meal signals to my brain that the meal is over.  

Weight Loss surgery has set me free to enjoy life again, including dinning out. I hope this series of tips on dining out will help you relax and enjoy the experience of food, family and friends. So the next time someone says, “Let’s do lunch”…yes, you can! 

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