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In this section, we'll learn from about how to dress with confidence. We'll learn from experts like Premier Designs Accessory Stylist, Boutinque Owners, Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist about how to gain more confidence, create style, and reveal the new you on the inside as well as on the outside.

Be sure to check in often and learn how to look and feel your best. Yes, we can. We have many more miles to go!

dressing up for the holidays

New tips for the Christmas holiday outings from Premier Designs Accessory Stylist, Cammie Hackney.  Holiday fashions don’t need to be a puzzle or expensive. By adding just a few special touches, items you wear every day can be used to create fabulous looks, casual or dressy.

Start with your favorite. Denim. Adding a cream sweater (maybe with a fur collar), a tartan scarf. Ever-classic pearls kicks a casual look up a notch.


Rock some RED. Again, take your favorite denim (any wash will work, but dark denim is most slimming), and pair it with this most popular holiday color.  A bit of sparkle and some shoes that “pop” and you’re ready to go! 


Green’s the thing! Cammie says this is her favorite way to dress up for the holidays. Take a comfortable favorite and pair it with something fancy. Add a touch of BLING with your accessories, and you’re set for any occasion the holidays bring.

....have fun! Yes, you can. You have many more miles to go!

You can order Premier Accessories or contact Cammie here.

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be beautiful

 You are one of a kind, so be your own kind of beautiful!

Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves. It's easy to get caught up in a negative body image. Especially during the summer months, when I put on shorts or a bathing suit, I tend to get very critical of the reflection I see in the mirror. When I go shopping for clothes, I'm reminded I'm not quite as small as I really want to be. My body just doesn't look the same as it did when I was in my 20's.

But I have to stop and think about what's really important. I'm healthier than I was when I was in my 30's and 40's or when I weighted over 300 pounds. Yes, my body has a few flaws, but I have to remind myself that the image I see in the mirror doesn't tell the whole story. I was made in the image of God. I am an image bearer. Sometimes, I need to stop and think about what that really means.

As image bearers, you and I bear the very image of the God of the universe. The One who made the stars and planets. Time and space. Trees and flowers. The birds and the bees. The mountains and the sea. The world has so much beauty. There is not one inch of space that does not carry the mark of His magnificent handwork. Each and every creature has a beauty and significance of it's own. Yet, it pleased Him make each and every one of us unique, one of a kind, and intricately beautiful.

When I stop and meditate on the fact that I am made in His imge—a reflection of His glory, beauty, and splendor, then I don't have the same attitude about the reflection I see. We all carry a beauty that delights Him, not just on the outside, but on the inside, as well. I am reminded that I need to recognize and appreciate the fact that in all of creation, we have the unique privilege of bearing His image.

Let's strive to be the best we can be...uniquely and wonderfully made—one of a kind beautiful.

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hair a~ware

Be hair aware. Did you know...

Wet hair is more fragile. Therefore, combing and brushing wet hair weakens it. When drying wet hair, cosmetologist, Jina Banner says our fingers are our best tools. Lifting gently, dry wet hair using your fingers until slightly damp. Then, finish styling with a brush or comb.

Hair products can also increase the health of your hair. Jina suggests Nioxen—a line of hair care products that include vitamins, conditioners, shampoos, and scalp sprays. 

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unlocking secrets to successful first impressions

Like any major life decision, weight loss surgery brings about numerous changes in your life, and consequently your relationships with others.  Often, you can be so consumed with addressing the immediate issues that you lose track of how you are “presenting” your new self to the world. Let’s face it…it’s one more thing to think about, and given the psychological and emotional efforts you’ve already invested into changing your health and well-being, does changing your outward appearance have any role in a successful recovery?

I’m here to tell you that it DOES and it’s a big step in embracing and accepting the new you!

As I mentioned in my last article—LOOKS MATTER. Before others meet or have a conversation with you, they have formed many possible opinions of you based on appearance alone. Take a good long look in the mirror. What is your body language REALLY saying about you?

Does it tell everyone “Look at me -- I’m a bright, intelligent person, ready to take on the world and embrace all life has to offer.” Or just the opposite? Since the majority of communication (93%) is nonverbal, putting your best self forward helps insure a positive impact every time, and these four simple things can do that for you:

·       Confident posture and stance
·       Stylish haircut and color
·       Natural makeup finish
·       Eye-catching accessories  

Give these some thought and see how you measure up. We’ll explore these opportunities in greater detail next time as we unlock successful secrets to the new you. 

Submitted by: Cammie Hackney

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shopping woes?

After losing weight, I had no idea how to dress. Even though I was smaller on the outside, I was largely bewildered on the inside—lost in the world of style and fashion.

It had been years since I had made purchases in a regular clothing store. I had become an expert in X-sized clothing that didn't reflect my personality. I had one shopping rule—if it fit and "somewhat" hid the bulges: I bought it. 

Unfortunately, I carried that rule over into my new-sized world. When I did go shopping, I went wild and crazy. I purchased anything and everything that fit. I was surprised that smaller sizes actually fit and looked good on me. Even though I worried that some styles might not be age appropriate, it didn't stop me from buying way, way, way too many clothes! 

I needed to slow down and find the real me. I needed to learn how to build a basic wardrobe, how to express my personality and style and how to enhance my best features—with confidence. I needed help.

So here are some things I've learned in the process:

  • Don't purchase too many clothes until you are confident that you can maintain your weight for a while.
  • Shop for bargins, sales, even consignment clothing, especially in the weight loss transformation phase. 
  • Get great style advise right here in the "Confident Style" section on Miles to Go blog. 
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