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Miles to go!
This blog was named "Miles To Go" in honor of my surgeon, Dr. David Miles. It is my hope that this conveys my gratitude to Dr. Miles and the staff at Miles Surgical for giving me the opportunity to have many more "miles to go".

It is my hope that this blog also inspires you, as readers, that life as a weight loss surgery patient allows you to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With the right tools, you too, can transition from the things held you captive in the past to the freedom of the future, as you too look forward to many more "miles to go"!

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This blog is about supporting you on your weight loss journey.  Whether you are preparing for surgery, have had weight loss surgery or just trying to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off.  

Posted here are facts, tips and information I have discovered during my experiences after surgery.  Although everyone is unique, from your backgrounds, relationships and past experiences, we all are seeking the same answer, renewed health and long-term weight loss success.  

There are several ways to find out the information you need here on the blog...

1. Search by topic or key word.  You'll also find this "box" on your left towards the middle of the screen.  

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4.  You may also ask a question or for information by email. These contacts are answered personally.

Yes you can, you have many more miles to go! 

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what is a blog? and how to make a comment !


I am so thrilled  to have a blog. 

A blog is a web log or online interactive journal or diary for sharing photos and information. 

I have been wanting one for quite some time. A few weeks ago I visited my son, Brent, in Savannah and he helped me get it going. I’m so glad my children know more about computers than I do. I didn't  grow up in the computer age and know practically nothing about them. But I am teachable…I think! With Millie and Brent’s help, I am learning as I go along, and I am amazed even at myself.

My son, Brent, designs logos and other graphics, he created the logo “miles to go”.    Some of the photos on the blog came from my daughter Millie, she is a professional photographer.  You can find their website and blogs at under “Commercial Break” at the side of this page.

I would also appreciate your feedback. You can contact me by email, ask questions or share your concerns. If I don’t’ know the answer, I will find it in my library, internet, or I will contact Dr. Miles' office for the answer. We will learn together! So let me hear from you!

This blog is my gift to you.

…here’s how easy it is to respond…

Contact: if you wish to make a contact, it will come directly to my e-mail address. You will find this option under the “navigation” section at the top of the page, on the side. Just fill out the info and clink “submit”.

Thanks so much for your support…so let me know you’re out there, what you think and that you are reading along.

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You can read comments made by visitors to the blog by clicking on the "Comments" section under each article. 

Let us hear from you...

this blog's for you...

Yes, you can!

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