Eating Healthy, Clean, and Whole 



Life after weight loss surgery is more than just losing weight, it's about returning to health and staying healthy. Being healthy means getting back to the basics, and getting back to the basics is about eating fresh whole foods in their nature state.

In addition, eating "cleaner" whole foods can help us overcome food craving as well as assume a healthier, leaner body.  

Join me in this section where you'll see how to eat healthier, cleaner whole foods and learn to how to prepare meals that are simple and easy. In the process you will discover, as I have, that life after surgery never tasted so good!




dessert anyone?

I love grapefruit. Recently I have been treating myself to a half of a red grapefruit with liquid stevia for breakfast as well as dessert.  

Grapefruit is good just like is comes from the tree, but it's also delicious with powdered stevia and cinnamon sprinkled on top and broiled in the oven until nice and brown. And warmed grapefruit makes a great dessert. 

Remember, eat fruit with a full serving of protein to keep your blood sugar levels in check, especially if you are prone to hypoglycemia. 

1/2 grapefruit has 53 calories, 0.2 g fat, 13.4 g carbs, l.8 g fiber, 11.6 g sugar, and 1 g protein. 

Yes, you can. You have many more miles to go!

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veggi speghetti

This spaghetti using julienne zucchini, is fast, easy and really delicious.

  • raw julienne zucchini
  • lean (90/10) hamburger
  • onion
  • tomato paste (no sugar added)
  • oregano
  • garlic powder
  • salt 
  • pepper

In a skillet, cook the hamburger on medium heat with enough water to moisten it and keep it from burning. Add in the onion. Stir in about a teaspoon of tomato paste. Add more water if needed. Sprinkle in a little oregano, onion, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Serve on a bed of raw zucchini.

The great thing about this recipe is that not only is it really delicious, it is easy and fool-proof. You can measure out the amount of each ingredient to taste or to meet your individual need. (I started with 3 oz of raw hamburger.) 

Enjoy! Yes you can, you have many more "meals" to go!

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beware of the unseen

During the last few days, my kitchen has been under renovation and I've had to revert to eating out. In the process of trying to find restaurants that offered selections that meet my specific criteria, I have discovered that they sometimes inject or marinate chicken with oil so that it taste better. Since I've been made aware of that fact, I also have been asking more about food preparation and added oils before cooking.

So, with my kitchen out of order, I decided to have lunch at a great little restaurant near our house. I found a little table outside. It was so delightful, the weather was pleasant and overcast and the food was simple and delicious. No cooking—no clean up. Fast, easy—and "clean." Perfect! 

With my kitchen continuing to be under renovation, and the fact that the restaurant had a just what I needed, I decided to eat there twice this week. I ordered the same thing both days. Grilled chicken, spinach, sliced cucumbers, salsa and lemon. I specifically asked them to make sure that they didn't cook the chicken with any oil and they assured me they would.

On the second day, after I had eaten, the waiter politely came to collect my bowl. So I asked him again about the chicken. "The chicken is really good. So you didn't use any oil for cooking?" I reiterated."No". he said. "No oil." Being a little suspicious, I inquired about pre-cooking? "Do you marinate the chicken in anything before you cook it?" "Yes," he said, "a brine with honey." HONEY ... Eeeeecccckkkk! I never thought there would be sugar in my chicken. The menu only said "organic chicken".

I had forgotten to ask about the salsa. It didn't taste like it had any added sugar. But just to be on the safe side, I asked if there was added sugar in the salsa. No sugar. Thank goodness!

So, the moral of the story...Be aware that there could be ingredients in your food that you're not aware of, especially if you don't make it yourself. Don't be shy. Take charge of your health. Always ask about how your food is prepared, and if there are any added garnishes, sauces, fats and sugars—even before it's cooked. 

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curb the crunchy snack attacks

If you're needing something to curb hunger or even that crunchy snack attack this simple recipe is a great solution. 

From the very beginning of my weight loss journey, I relied on pickles to fill me up and give me something to chew. I love pickles—dills and koshers.

You will want to make sure that your selection has no sugar added, you can make your own sweet pickles by adding Stevia liquid drops to dills or koshers. About 20 drops per (small) jar. Although pickles are a good health snack, you might want to limit the amount you eat—pickles contain a lot of sodium and too much sodium may cause water retention. 

Another snack that seems to satisfy the need to "crunch and munch" is tomatoes and cucumbers. I like to cut them up with a little salt, pepper, and vinegar. You can add a little Stevia, as well. Feel free to add onions or basil. Serve on a couple of melba toast for even more crunchy, munchy satisfaction.

Yes, you can. You have many more miles to go!

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a clean start

I recently made a commitment to eat cleaner—less processed food, no added sugar, and no artificial sweeteners, just clean, fresh, whole foods—as close to their natural state as possible. Colorful fruits and vegetables and lean meat. Although I had already eliminated a lot of processed, highly refined foods from my diet already, more and more "junk food" had begin to creep back in.

The first two days were extremely difficult. I almost quite. I wanted to eat and munch so bad. I thought I would go crazy. But that is just the point. All that eating, snacking, and munching was causing more regain. Although some regain is quite normal, I had gained past the point I was willing to go. Not only were my clothes getting tighter, but I realized that even with consistent Pilates classes, I just wasn't as flexible as I was a few years ago.

But I didn't quit and I'm so glad I didn't. You know what they said, it's darkest right before the dawn. Little did I know I was on the verge of a breakthrough. By the third day, my cravings disappeared. My blood sugar became more stable, I begin to lose weight, and I started to feel terrific.  


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