pre-op diet

Your per-surgical diet will look very similar to the long-term post-surgery diet.

This pre-surgical diet will consist of lean high–protein, low fat, low sugar, low-carbohydrates, including low carbohydrate fruits and vegetables. Lean towards more whole grain and whole foods rather than processed foods.  

This diet will prepare you for the new way you will be eating after weight loss surgery.  

You will return to a “normal diet”, or pre-surgery diet following several food phases during the weight loss phases.  The “normal” part is where the change must takes place, “normal” is not returning to our old lifestyle diet.  

We have to learn what “normal” or a healthy diet looks like, including smaller portions, learning a new way of preparing foods, learning to be mindful of our food intake as well as the emotional aspects, including why we are tempted to get off track and return to our old habits.

Changing eating habits takes time and effort. You will find that the more you “practice” this eating style before surgery the easier it will be to resume once your are faced with maintaining after your desired weight is achieved. 

Information and helps on returning to “normal” is what this blog is all about.  You’ll get the hang of it in no time.  The key to weight loss and maintenance is just as much about “committing” to what you know, as much as it is about what you know. 

General pre-surgery dietary guidelines for weight loss surgery include:

  • ·      Begin protein supplements (protein powder)
  • ·      Choose lean protein and low carbohydrate and fruits and vegetables. 
  • ·      Decrease all fats (fatty meats, fried foods, whole milk products, and others)
  • ·      Decrease sugary foods (sweets and soda)
  • ·      Decrease high carbohydrate foods (bread, rice and pasta)
  • ·      Eat smaller portions
  • ·      Eliminate carbonated beverages
  • ·      Stop smoking
  • ·      Avoid alcohol
  • ·      Avoid binge eating
  • ·      Don't use certain over-the-counter medications and prescription medications (ask your doctor for specifics, but may include Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, Excedrin)

To read more on returning to “normal” search “portion distortion” “the normal setting” and related topics in the search box on the left.  Search also under the categories section in “food facts” and “food forks”.  

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