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curb the crunchy snack attacks

Some days, I just need to curb that crunchy snack attack even though I'm not really "hungry". But,  I have found a few things that seem to curb those "want to eat something crunchy" nibble snack attacks. 

One of my go-to items from the very beginning of my journey are pickles—dills and koshers. Although you will want to make sure that your selection has no sugar added, you can make your own sweet pickles by adding Stevia liquid drops to dills or koshers. About 20 drops per (small) jar. 

Another snack that seems to satisfy the need to "crunch and munch" is tomatoes and cucumbers. I like to cut them up with a little salt, pepper, and vinegar. You can add a little Stevia, as well. Feel free to add onions or basil. Serve on a couple of melba toast for even more crunchy-munchy satisfaction.

Yes, you can. You have many more miles to go!

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