So, what can we eat?


This section helps you put it all together with menus ideas. Putting menus together can be a challenge. So I'll share some menus I have used during my journey after bariatric surgery.

Check often for updates.   

These menus are not listed by food phase unless otherwise stated.


life in the fast lane

Breakfast needs to be fast, for most of us. I need it to be simple, too, I prefer eating rather than cleaning-up. So I have discovered a fast protein solution for breakfast —turkey sausage or bacon already cooked, just heat it up.

If you want you can purchase pre-cooked bacon, or choose the original and cook it ahead. If you're having an egg, just throw the bacon or sausage in the pan first and get it nice and warm. Eggs don't take much time to cook, and the trick to clean up - invest in a good non-stick skillet. 

A note about bacon...bacon is one of those foods that somewhat controls me...I have to be careful with it. So here is a trick that works for me. First, I tell myself if I want it I can only have 1 slice. I don't cook more than I will eat. If I'm cooking for my family, I count out two slices for everyone else. I take it out of the bag (I purchase the large pre-cooked, at Costo) seal it and put it away, which keeps me from being tempted to eat more. I didn't resume bacon to my menu until my third year from surgery, by that time I had more practice in maintaining my weight and appetite control.   

For this omelet or frittata use left over or pre-cooked potatoes to replace the toast or carb for a quick meal on the go.

Turkey roll ups are quick and easy lunch.  If you don't have time for roasted sweet potatoes, try fruit. 

Dinner is a breeze with this chicken, it's pounded thin for a delightfully easy cooking time. 


minced mushrooms, sauté with olive oil and butter
1 piece chopped bacon, or turkey sausage, or ham
potatoes optional, cooked
1 egg scrambled

I heat the bacon first, sauté the mushrooms, stir in the cooked potato until warm, then pour the egg on top, sprinkle with a little cheese, crumble in the bacon and ta have an omelet or frittata. 

Get creative by adding spinach broccoli or asparagus!


turkey deli meat roll up with
tomato slice 
and lettuce
sweet potato fries (roasted) recipe in the "recipe" section
or fruit


lemon chicken
green beans
white beans or white bean dip

Recipe for chicken piccata or lemon chicken (similar to the chicken franchise—found in the recipe section), it's fast and easy.

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tex mex day 

Soon after I returned to eating a regular diet, beans and tacos were on the menu, so here is one that always promises a tasty day.

Breakfast: 1 egg omelet with turkey, a sprinkle of cheese, warm salsa on top. 

Lunch: taco meat, black beans, a sprinkle of cheese, 8 crunchy tortilla chips, one teaspoon sour cream

Snack: turkey roll up with cucumbers or a pickle, 1 TLC Oatmeal cookie

Dinner: 2 oz grilled fish, 1/2 cup sweet potato, green beans


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beefy breakfast

Breakfast is more challenging for me than other meals. Lately, I have had one of my "crazy cravings". This time it was about what I wanted for breakfast.  And as it turns out, a rather great protein filled one at that.  

My craving this time was for a bagel with roast beef. I usually eat 1/4 of the bagel, open faced. I like the top half so I use it for the bottom of my sandwich. (Soon or later, I make it with the bottom half, or maybe someone else who likes bottoms will eat it). I pile the roast beef on top, I like it rare. I get them to slice the roast beef really thin at the deli, the more rare, the more tender it is. Boar's Head is a great selection.  

I purchase bagels a Panera Bread and freeze them. Choose from whole wheat varieties or my very favorite, is the everything bagel.  

Try this one on for size:

Beefy Breakfast

2 ounces deli roast beef  60 to 80 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 12 to 16.5 grams protein

1/4 plain or everything (Panera Bread) bagel   72 to 75 calories, 14.8 carbs, 2.5 grams protein

1 tablespoon cream cheese    51 calories, 5 grams fat, l gram protein

You might spread a little bit of cream cheese on for flavor and moisture, or a reduced fat olive oil mayo, (4 gram fat, 2 carbs,) or substitute a 1/2 slice of 2 percent cheese, or mustard is also a great alternative without adding more fat or calories.  

It is important not to cut out all the fat, or to feel deprived. Our bodys need fat, it also keeps you satisfied longer and it satisfies your taste buds. The key to fat is portion control, my limit is single digits in grams per meal)

Remember, beef is a food choice that is suggested to be eaten once you are a year from surgery because it is harder to digest. Chicken or turkey would be a great alternative.   

So beef it up for breakfast! Yes you can, you have many more miles to go! 

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sushi time

Anytime is sushi time for me, lunch, dinner or snack...

One of my favorite food discoveries since having weight loss surgery is sushi.  

Sushi is a great source of protein, I just have to watch the rice.  I must say, this is about the only time I eat rice.  Before having surgery, rice was my number one food item I did not want to give up.  I just didn't think I could live without it.  

I didn't eat it for years after having surgery.  Then one day I found sushi. Sushi is a great source of protein and with nigiri sushi you can better control the amount of rice you eat. Nigiri sushi has the protein on top of the rice.  

My favorite place to eat sushi is Fresh Market.  They make it fresh everyday and if I go at the right time...I can catch the attendant making it, then I can get it just the way I like it.  

I must admit, I get a funny look when I ask for only half the rice.  

The first time I purchased it.  I came home and disassembled it, measured it, weighted and counted the calories. This way I'm safe to eat it -out and about!

I usually ask for the multi grain brown rice.  The brown rice keeps my blood sugar more level. Since I ask for only half the rice, I measured out about 1/3 cup. Then I weighted the tuna, salmon or shrimp. It is usually somewhere around 2.5 to 3 ounces. I usually add a little avocado, - got to have that mufa-good fat food with every meal, The avocado is about 1/8 to 1/4 cup.  

Another caution about rice, take it slow and easy, eating a little at a time, stopping with the measured amount will ensure you don't overdo it. Rice swells in the tummy, so be sure not drink while eating.  

My lunch today:  

Nigiri sushi: tuna- 3 ounces about 92 calories, 19 grams protein 0 fat

brown rice: 1/3 cup 81 calories, 0 fat and 1.5 grams protein

Avocado: 1/4 cup 58 calories, 5.4 fat

Asaragus: fresh grilled, 1/4 cup 7 calories

When eating at my favorite restaurant, I try to find a roll with no rice. Soybeans are a good substitute. 

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happy new you, menu plan

It's about time for another menu plan.  

Remember I'm on maintenance, so you may have to tweak, for your appropriate food phase!

Although this menu plan was tweaked from the "Flat Belly Diet Plan".  I love their menu and recipes.  Very bariatric friendly for maintenance to keep those pounds from finding their way back to the scales.  

Breakfast: Kashi cereal, Hood 2 percent milk, blueberries and a few pecan sprinkles

Lunch: 2 ounces chicken breast sandwich, (made with low fat olive oil mayo, olives, and chopped tomatoes, on a whole grain sandwich thin)

Dinner: Chicken Piccata, (recipe in "recipe section") pasta, broccoli and cauliflower

Afternoon snack: 1 whole grain flax waffle, toasted, 16 melted dark chocolate chips, 1/4 cup fresh strawberries, and 1/4 cup Oikos vanilla greek yogurt on top 

After dinner snack: peanut butter on whole grain crackers

Average totals:  5 fats per meal, 24 grams carbs per meal, 5 grams sugar per meal, and 65 grams of protein for the day.  (Approximate 1,200 calories)

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